Terms & Conditions



All products are packed according to a high of quality, in order to ensure the integrity of the product, protecting them during transportation until the final delivery. In order to achieve this, we use good quality thick carton boxes, as well as polyethylene protections corners and plastic bags assuring thus a better packaging of our products.

Terms of use

A towel or waterproof cloth must be used on veneer tops to avoid responsibility for possible damages.
The use of enexpensive hot pads or a trivet for hot dishes, pots and is always recommended.
Wipe the surface whith a soft cloth slightly moistened with water.
No aggressive and abrasive cleaners or cleaning solvents should be used on the surface of the tops.
X8 Chairs & Tables declines any responsibility for the damages that may result in the event of non-compliance of these recommendations.


  • All the prices are expressed in Euro and shall be considered as Ex-Words. This price list, terms and conditions of sale cancels and replaces any pre-existing ones.
  • All information about weight, dimensions and colours are approximate and to be used line only. A X8 Chairs & Tables reserves the right to modify or upgrade the product without prior notice.
  • The fabric requirements are indicative. They must be considered for plain fabrics. Please consult us for different fabric textures.
  • Any old model and finish can be manufactured, but it will depend on the quantities. Previous consultation is required.
  • Orders can only be accepted when written and with all the material specification clear. All the orders have to be confirmed by our company and can´t be cancelled after confirmation.
  • The standard delivery date is within 4 to 5 weeks after order confirmation. For shorter delivery dates, please consult us.
  • The goods sold through an extended payment are released under the condition of property reserve upon the full settlement.
  • A X8 Chairs & Tables accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to possible omissions or printing errors in the price list.

Shipping Terms

  • X8 Chairs & Tables assures the quality and the conformity of their products in the loading place with the specifications previously agreed. The goods are supplied at customer´s own risk. All goods are packed in cartons.
  • X8 Chairs & Tables isn´t responsible for any damage caused to the goods during the transport. Claims must be addressed to the transport company concerned.
  • The customer is responsible to emmediately verify the condition of the products upon delivery. Any damages caused during transportation should be confirmed in the delivery documents provided by the shipping company and communicated to X8 within 3 working days from the reception of the goods. Otherwise, we can´t accept your claim.
  • Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.


  • X8 Chairs & Tables guarantees its products to be free from defect in materials, components and workmanship under normal usage for two years from invoice date.
  • X8 Chairs & Tables warranty does not include any damages cause by transport, abuse, misuse, vandalism, unauthorized repairs or modifications, inadequate maintenance, negligence, accidents and corrosive cleaning products.
  • Intellectual Property
    X8 Chairs & Tables owns the exclusive rights of intellectual property over the developed models.
  • The orders of specific products just oblige X8 to deliver the goods according to the technical required by the Customer. It is not X8 Chairs & Tables responsibility to indemnify or defend the Customer and/or other parts, regarding matters related to intellectual property rights.
  • In case of non-conformity by the customer on the definite solution, the place of jurisdiction will be the Court of Paredes, Portugal.