We have integrated principles of Ecological Awareness into the core business routines and processes. Awareness and Mindfulness in our market is based on the principle of knowing the basis around each decision is made and, wherever possible, its impact. This includes discussions with clients and designers regarding their requirements to ensure, wherever possible, the client’s remit is achieved within these principles to the required budget.

Our objective is to work to a set of principles for The Alt Collective furniture manufacturing, which are based on real and viable business decisions.

Local Manufacture

Wherever possible we will manufacture within the same country as the final destination for the furniture. Where these facilities are not present and/or the material required is not locally available, we will look to source at the next closest material producer and/or manufacturer.

Ethical Supply Partner

Rather than choosing the lowest cost and potentially most environmentally damaging suppliers, we will work with companies that are environmentally aware. Be it using renewable energy, recycled water, recycled packaging etc. We are constantly detailing our full supply chain along with their ecological credentials, so we can maintain a continuous improvement plan for both, us and our supply partners, in order to produce the highest quality product at a commercial price with the lowest impact.

Continuous Improvement

The necessity for Ecological Awareness will only grow, not diminish. This is therefore not a destination but a collaborative journey between client, designer and suppliers. The need is for continuous review and improvement of our core principles and processes, as well as communication of these improvements to all our associates of what can and should be achieved.